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Great Taste Awards 2023 Rosalita

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Exquisite quality seafood products, hand processed and sustainable.

Lata de anchoas de Santoña suaves Rosalita


Lata de anchoas XL de Santoña Rosalita

Anchovies XL

Lata de anchoas ahumadas Rosalita

Smoked anchovy

Lata de boquerones en vinagre Rosalita

White anchovy

Lata de ventresca de atún claro Rosalita

Tuna belly

lata de bonito Rosalita

Bonito belly

Sardinas Pilchardus Rosalita


Sardinas Millesime Rosalita

Sardine Millesimé

Pulpo cocido Rosalita


Carpaccio de gambón Rosalita

Prawn Carpaccio

Lata de caviar de rizo Rosalita

Sea urchin caviar



I’m Rosalita and I represent the women of the sea. We select the best products from the sea and turn them into authentic culinary gems for demanding palates. We use artisan methods, applying years of experience and wisdom passed down from generation to generation.

 With our hands and those of our men we form a chain from the source to your table. Hands that sail, that hold ropes to bring in the longlines and crates, that tie each of the knots required to secure them. Expert hands that prepare each and every anchovy, prawn and sardine…

 Our hands are committed to the sea that feeds us, that gives us life. The name Rosalita means tradition, respect and sustainability.

mujer limpiando anchoas
barco santoña
playa de berria
mujer limpiando anchoas

Every gem has a story. Culinary gems, too.